It’s really easy to get discouraged with all of the things going on around us these days, and to forget that we have little people looking up🥺 to us for security.  


Last July, we asked for your help in being a part of the solution 🤝with our Encouragement Project.💙 We received so many great responses that we thought we would do it again!


🚀The month of February is all about encouragement! So let us see your creativity!🚀


👉🏻Here is what we’d like you to do.  There are three ways your child can be involved (you can choose as many as you like!).  



1) 🎥Record your child reading or saying the words to Mister Rogers Song “What do you do with the Mad that you Feel?”  


2) 🎨Draw and color a picture of how the Coronavirus makes you feel. (Email us the pictures at info@sensoryrock.com)


3) 🎥Record your child answering these 2 questions:  a) What is the Coronavirus?  b) How does all of this stuff going on in the world make you feel?  



You can submit as many entries as you like…and here is the cool part…if we end up using your selection, your family will get a free hour of play at Sensory Rock! 🙌🏻(and you can use it now!) 🥳You know your kids NEED this and we know YOU need this! 


We need to get all entries in before March 1st.  Click the link below for details o submissions: 


We really hope you will join with us in this project. 💙 Together we can be a positive force for good in the world. 💪🏻 Together we can change lives.🚀



**Please submit all files and recordings to:  https://www.dropbox.com/request/F4Ejfwa16ffvHgFdJ6Ci
Alternatively, you can email them to us at info@sensoryrock.com. Please use the subject: Encouragement Project


Each file should be saved with a name which indicates  
Example: BreslowAmyJosiah5554443333.mov Breslow-Amy-Ameliah5554443333.jpeg


By submitting an entry, you grant Sensory Rock the right to use, reproduce, modify, and publish your submission. You agree that your submission becomes the  exclusive intellectual and creative property of Sensory Rock, to be distributed, published and displayed for the purposes of Sensory Rock and its affiliates. Sensory Rock has no obligation to use your entry.   You agree that images, recordings of your child may appear in Sensory Rock’s marketing materials, and distribution the internet. You agree to hold Sensory Rock harmless from any claims, liabilities, or actions that might arise out of connection with your submission.