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Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA services (Applied Behavior Analysis) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. It has been proven to work with children on the autism spectrum or who exhibit maladaptive behavior or skill deficits. Our programs are individually designed to support your child in communication, socialization, parent training and adaptive living skills.  

We are proud to announce that Sensory Rock is offering services provided by a BCBA, RBT, and BT who will be working with your child.  

To inquire about connecting your child with our ABA services, please call us at 559.702.6161.‬

Reaching Out
Connecting Kids

Our goal is to support children and families in the community who are in need of a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA).  The BCBA will conduct a detailed assessment and an individualized plan for your child: increasing behaviors that are helpful and decreasing behaviors that are harmful or that affect learning.  

We help our clients make new connections with peers, support parents with their children, increase community awareness, teach safety skills, support daily living skills and help integrate clients into their environment successfully. 


Children 0-18 on the autism spectrum and/or children 0-18 who display maladaptive behavior and/or skill deficits.  Please consult with your PCP and insurance to determine if a referral is needed. 

We have a Board-certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a Registered Board Technician (RBT), and BT(Behavioral Therapist) who will be working with your child. It is the goal of Sensory Rock to see every BT on our staff certified as an RBT.  


Increase skill deficits in socialization, functional communication, receptive skills, and adaptive living skills. We also offer parent training skills as we work to reduce behavior excess.  


ABA is evidence-based practice, meaning that it has been proven to work with children on the autism spectrum and other children with behavior excess and skill deficits.

We provide a comprehensive assessment to determine needs of services, including: hours recommended weekly, individualized treatment plan, goals tailored to each individual's needs and functioning levels.  

We offer 1:1 individual services, a group setting to teach socialization skills, and monthly parent training. 

Treatment plans will be modified based on client need and progress, and parents will be included in any changes in the behavior intervention plan or treatment plan.

We use natural environment teaching along with Discrete Trial Training to teach children appropriate functional skills. 


Our services are funded through insurance; however, we do accept private pay on an as-needed basis.  We will try every funding source available to help those in need of services.  

We currently are able to accept Managed Health Network (MHN), however we are in the process of contracting with all other insurance in Kings County (Magellan/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, Anthem, Anthem Blue Cross Medical, Cigna, and Optum). We will work with any insurance you have to our best ability to get services covered.


Please contact us at 559.702.6161 to discuss payment options. 


Our services are clinic based 1:1.  We also offer in-home parent training, and community services when needed.  

We will work with your child's school and family availability to the best of our ability.  Our regular schedule is listed below (subject to change), but we do have flexible options outside of this structure.  Length in treatment will depend on individual assessments for each child and progress with each individual's treatment plan.  

Programs are 12--40 hours a week for comprehensive intense therapy.  

Sessions are typically 2-3 hour blocks and up to 8 hours a day based on need. 

Services are offered 5 days a week. 

Please contact us at 559.702.6161 to discuss scheduling options. 

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