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About Us

Our story is the same as yours…we have children who we want to thrive, grow, and discover their God-given abilities.  We believe that each child learns in unique ways and that every child should have the opportunity to explore their abilities in an open and encouraging community. 


We want to provide that same opportunity to every child who walks through our doors. We know the world is a scary place, and it can be easy to feel inadequate as a parent when your child isn’t thriving under “normal” conditions.  That is why we created Sensory Rock.  We want YOU (the parent) to have an encouraging, supportive community where you can relax, and know that you aren’t alone; and we want YOUR CHILD to thrive, grow, adapt, learn, play, imagine, and have fun as THEY define it.

Sensory Rock is a center for the WHOLE child. Our play, workshops, classes, camps, and parent seminars are all in our colorful enrichment center. We "Play With a Purpose!" and we invite new possibilities for you and your child.

Sheri and Jeff Tos
Owners of Sensory Rock


Sheri Tos, Owner

Sheri was inspired to create Sensory Rock through a journey that started with her volunteer work with youth programs at church. As she turned to her faith she uncovered the deep need of helping a community through enrichment programs that an inclusive play center  could provide.  Through the love and support of her husband, Jeff, a local farmer, they purchased the old FAST Credit Union building in downtown Hanford, CA, and began a labor of love for ALL children to be nourished, accepted, and inspired.  With the expertise of Troy Pfefferle of Fun Factory Sensory Gyms, the FAST building was transformed into a childhood development center.  As a mother of pre-mature identical twins, the journey also revealed the importance of neurological development for all children.

Sheri graduated with Honors with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management from Fresno Pacific University and has served 20+ years in youth volunteer leadership and programs. She is passionate about helping children grow and develop. R.O.C.K. stands for "Reaching Out Connecting Kids," and that is the aim of Sensory Rock: to connect children with the tools they need to achieve and succeed.  

Sheri and her husband Jeff have twin boys: Austin and Aiden. 

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