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Behavioral Specialist/ ABA

We do not currently offer any ABA services, although we do have plans to offer services in the future. We are also working on partnering with agencies and insurance companies to offer covered services. In the meantime we have a number of options that you might find helpful. The current offerings are private pay and are not covered by insurance at this time:

Private Pay Options:




1) Consultation with a Behavior Specialist Professional- these sessions are one hour long and consist of a consultation with the parent and child to identify concerns, to problem solve for areas of need, and to create a plan that works for your family.

2) Social Skills Sessions (small group and 1:1 available)- in these sessions a behavior specialist will work either 1:1 or in a small group (based on skill level and need) to observe how your child interacts with peers and will facilitate learning opportunities.

3) Respite Care- These sessions consist of 1:1 drop off care. They will provide your child the opportunity to play at the gym with a specialist who is experienced and trained in managing behaviors.

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