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We are proud to announce that we are a distributor of Spectrum Care+ and Camelicious: an all-natural product that has been proven to have positive effects on gut health and children with ASD. This formula has been proven to reproduce healthy mitochondria.

  100% money-back guarantee for qualified applicants.

Please contact us for details.


Many children experience social, cognitive and behavioral impairment, communication issues, sleep disorders and digestive issues.

If your child experiences any of these issues, research has shown there are natural, nutritional solutions that may help improve your child’s health and abilities.

Recent clinical papers suggest that metabolic issues can cause deficits in sociability and communication and increased repetitive and/or restrictive behaviors in children. (1)

Many medical professionals now recognize metabolic/biochemical abnormalities are present in children with special needs. They suggest nutritional support may improve the underlying biochemical abnormalities to lessen symptoms. (2)

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