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At Home Field Day – 10 Ways to Play (plus a bonus)

Submitted by Claire Annette Noland


What day of the school year do children most look forward to celebrating?

That’s easy –


Just because kids are now staying safe at home doesn’t mean that they can’t celebrate the end of the academic school year. Since so much learning is happening online these days, everyone is ready to get out of their chairs and move around. Kids can’t wait to take a break to play games, get wet, and have fun.

 We can all challenge ourselves to create a fantastic At Home Field Day. There are a few things that make it different at home than at school.

  •  Group activities need to be scaled to the family size. That means parents, you get to play, too. Games can be adapted to different ages.

  •  None of us want to make extra trips to a store. The challenge here is to use what you have. Improvise!

  • Since there are fewer participants, scoring needs to be creative. Try using a timer or do the best out of three.

  • Involve your kids in creating the games. I’m sure they will come up with some great ideas.

  • Keep it simple and be flexible. The goal is to get outside, play, be good sports, and have fun!

         These suggestions are easy, fun, and kid approved!


Equipment: chalk, sidewalk or pavement

Mark distances on the cement with chalk Player runs and jumps as far as possible. Try again to see if they can go even farther.


Equipment: kitchen spoons, buckets, 10 objects such as water balloons ping pong balls, limes, marshmallows, or potatoes.

Create Start and Finish lines with buckets

 When they hear, GO, the first person picks an object, balances it on their spoon, walks, and puts it in the bucket. Then they run back to the beginning and get another object and walk to put it in the bucket. Repeat until the objects are all in the bucket. If the object drops, the player must pick it up, go back to the beginning and start over.

 3. MUSICAL HOOPS Equipment: hula hoops, music

 Place hula hoops in a circle on the grass Start the music and kids jump from hoop to hoop Stop the music and take away a hoop Play the music and the kids jump from hoop to hoop. When the music stops, they must be in a hoop or they are out. Last one in a hoop wins

4. SPIDER WEB Equipment: Painter’s Tape, paper

Attach tape across the doorway in the shape of a spider’s web. Children crumple up paper to make “insects” and throw them at the web. How many bugs will get caught in the spider web?

5. BALLOON BOUNCE Equipment: Fly swatter and balloon

Bounce the balloon on the fly swatter. Time how long it is kept up or count the number of bounces.