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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is fast approaching and with restrictions lifting, we are all ready to get out and enjoy some family adventures! Keeping those littles safe though is always top of our priority list. Here are some helpful safety tips before your first summer family trip to the water.

  • Put child in a swimsuit that is bright colored. Avoid blue or green swimsuits as they can make them less visible in the water and can delay rescue.

  • Recognize signs of drowning: a child will not be able to call out and instead usually uses their arms to try to push up to surface, which can be mistaken for playing. Signs to look for, head tilted back and mouth open, gasping, body vertical with little to no leg movement, attempting to swim, but little progress.

  • Review CPR for infants and children.

  • Make sure to read floatie or life vest labels. Even if it still fits, she may have outgrown the weight limit. Never rely on a life vest or floatie totally, supervision is key to make sure it functions properly. Always have children in a life vest while on a boat, even if he or she is a good swimmer.

  • Know the warning signs of secondary drowning--fever, vomiting, persistent coughing, chest pain, confusion, difficulty talking and extreme fatigue. If your child has swallowed water unintentionally and shows these symptoms, take them to the emergency room right away.

  • Make sure children walk around the pool to avoid slipping or accidentally falling in.

  • Protect them from the sun with sunscreen spf 30 or higher 15-30 mins before exposure and reapply every two hours.

  • Know the warning signs of heat stroke. Keep children in light weight clothing, make sure they have water and take breaks from exertion.

  • Make sure their car seat is used and installed properly, check seat weight limits and anchor weight limits. Never leave children unattended in the car, temperatures rise fast and heat stroke can be deadly. Always double check your backseat before leaving your vehicle to make sure everyone is together.

Enjoying making those new family memories and stay safe!

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