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Easter Bunny Drop!

#Easter2020 #bunnydrop #coronavirus Even without Easter festivities🐣...the Sensory Rock Easter bunny was alive and hopping in King's County!🥕🐰

When it became clear that Easter was going to look very different in 2020🐥, the Sensory Rock community came together to deliver some Easter joy🥕🐰 to our kiddos! The team of Rocketeers🚀 put their heads together to plan something really wonderful to bring some happiness to homes! This was SO.👏🏻 MUCH.👏🏻 FUN.👏🏻 We had so much fun in the planning, but we never expected what happened next!!!!😳😳 It was truly amazing...The families who received the gifts 🎁gave BACK to us! We were even more blessed by YOU! 💕🥰

This made us realize how much of a true community this is🤝...we are here to support 💪🏻one another, love💕 one another, and be kind to one another. Always giving, and always serving one another. 😁

The rest of 2020 may be a roller coaster, but Sensory Rock is here to serve you!

What a wonderful community Sensory Rock is!🚀 We are so grateful that every day we get to be a part of such a wonderful group of supportive and caring people.🥰🙏🏻 May your Easter season be blessed!

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