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Quiet Boxes- helping children transition

Have any of you heard of a quiet box?

As a teacher during transition times to help easy children into learning or nap, I would use quiet boxes. What is a quiet box? It is a box with a simple quiet activity for children to do all by themselves.

In my house we still have quiet boxes. One is some cut straws and a cardboard box with holes punched in it just big enough for straws, one is some beads and a sorting bin, another is a strainer and some piper cleaners, one is some nature items to look at. All of them are so simple, but so handy, so when you need a minute to catch up, finish a chore, answer work emails or just have your child mellow down, bring one out to keep child entertained screen-free.

Tip: Keep them up on a shelf to build novelty and only bring them out when you need them, this builds child interest and curiosity.

Here are our quiet boxes below:

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