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READING is a Superpower: Children's Book Week is May 3-9th!

Celebrate with your children this week Children's Book Week, May 3rd-9th. Take the pledge and connect with your child with books this week!

Here is the book lists for each subject this year:

The benefits of reading to your children (even past when they are reading themselves!):

Instill a love for reading: Children who love to read are more likely to graduate, earn more and have a overall greater sense of satisfaction out of life

Language Development: Children read for 20 mins reads1,800,000 words per year vs. children who read 1 min per day only is exposed to 8,000 words a year

Improve empathy: Children who read are 2.5x more likely to volunteer and be a part of nonprofit organizations

Bonding: Reading is a great way to connect with your child.

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