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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my kids get really excited because they know that today is a special day in the NeuroRocketeer program. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they get to spend time with "Mr. Matt," and I can bribe my kids with extra chores and extra schoolwork leading up to their time in the NeuroRocketeer program. "If you don't do X," I say, "You won't get to see Mr. Matt." They scamper off in a hurry because they know I will make good on my promise. It means that much to them.

The NeuroRocketeer program is Sensory Rock's Signature program and it combines 3 elements: Fast ForWORD, Matt Morgan, and Sensory Rock.

Fast ForWord is its own program, licensed through Aspire Speech and Learning Center in Fresno. The computer program was developed by neuroplasticians (the science of changing your brain), and is nationally recognized in the area of brain science for improving cognition, memory, speech, and processing.

Sheri Tos, the owner and founder of Sensory Rock, has taken Fast ForWORD, and uses it as the foundation for the NeuroRocketeer Program. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, children from around the country sign on to a special zoom meeting to meet with "Mr. Matt" for 15 minutes of movement, fun, and self-esteem building that is contagious. The kids then take that excitement to their kitchen tables, and spend 50 minutes engrossed in brain exercises cleverly disguised as computer games. (Sheri personally coaches and encourages the children during this time. When my son hit a snag and got discouraged, Sheri met with my son face to face over Zoom and talked us through it.) Once their work is complete, they join the group again for a fun activity/movement game with Sheri and a Rocketeer to reward them for their hard work!

Even in brain training, Sensory Rock has a huge emphasis on movement, and what it does for the entire body. Movement is not just exercise. It can build confidence, strengthen positivity and focus, and increase your energy. This is why Matt Morgan plays such a critical role at Sensory Rock. Matt is the in-house Kinesiologist and Movement coach. He runs Matt's Rocking Workout, and Matt Rocks! When he isn't jumping and dancing around Sensory Rock, Matt is a life coach and personal trainer. There is an infectious optimism to EVERYTHING he touches, and his energy is boundless. My kids stand and repeat after him, "I. AM. AWESOME." "I. AM. SMART." "I. CAN. DO. ANYTHING."

I watch my kids grow in confidence, and it makes me proud. They love Matt because Matt loves them.

Matt also coaches kids one-on-one who need a tailored program for movement and flexibility. "Matt Rocks!" works with sensory issues, injuries, developmental delays, and just kids who need some encouragement. The one-on-one time increases a child's confidence and mobility, and Matt has an ability to help children achieve, building relationships and establishing trust. His empathy and encouragement go a long way toward making him seem a superhero to the kids he works with.

After the NeuroRocketeer Program, Matt begins "Matt's Rockin' Workout"- Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:30-12:00. In a Zoom conference, Matt again engages with kids from all over. He dances, he moves, he keeps them moving and jumping and shouting. Again, he tells the kids that they can do ANYTHING. Matt believes that the mind has so much power over who you are, and what you can achieve.

Matt told Sensory Rock in an interview recently that he had lost the ability to put limits on kids. He knows that anything a child wants to achieve, they can. It starts with their "magnificent mind" and the innate ability within them to be whoever they want to be. Because of this, Matt begins everything with the mind..."You are special." "You can do anything." By the end of the session, my kids are pumped enough to fly to the moon. Matt's superpower is that he gets kids to recognize their own superpowers.

are all available in the Sensory Rock Webshop. If you want to get your kids moving and shaking and having some social interaction, Matt's Rockin' Workout is a good place to start. And if you want to know what it feels like to be a kid again and believe that the impossible is possible, join them- and shoot for the stars.

-Contributed by Amy B.-

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