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Welcome to Sensory Rock!

Sensory Rock is dedicated to providing a playful, encouraging & innovative environment for ALL children, families, and visionary professionals, helping each child discover their God-given abilities.

There is something new in Kings County!

We are super excited to introduce Sensory Rock to Kings County. Sensory Rock is a community where ALL children are invited to thrive, learn, grow, and have fun. We will be officially open for business on December 14th, with a grand opening at the end of March. We will be ironing out some of the details of our programs between now and then, but there will be plenty of opportunities to play!

Fun Factory Sensory Gym

Troy Pfefferle of Fun Factory Sensory Gym has been installing a terrific indoor play gym right here in Hanford. Troy is the inventor of this custom designed sensory gym, and his work is acclaimed by healthcare professionals and parents for the innovative ways it connects with children with special needs.

Peace for Parents of Special Needs

Sensory Rock is a place where you can find the tools and the community you need to help your child thrive. Check out this video that our founder, Sheri Tos captured yesterday when a parent stopped by the gym! (Her daughter is 14 years old, but her developmental age is 3).

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